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Custom Training Services

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In order to get maximum outcome from your training related investment, go for our one of the best Custom training program covering areas like:

  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000 & SQF
  • Development and Implementation of Integrated Quality Management System
  • CE Marking for Medical Devices
  • Health Canada Medical Device Regulation Application
  • GMP / FDA's QSR 820
  • Development and Maintenance of Medical Device related Technical File
  • Internal Auditing

 Perhaps a little awareness training, some ISO Team implementation training, a review of the ISO standard requirements, Leadership Development training and of course some auditing training.  Perhaps the ISO team stays consistently throughout but maybe different audiences attend different segments.  We use examples of your documentation for examples and exercises, and we discuss your scenarios and identify best practices and solutions appropriate to you.  Not only do you get the training but you get answers to your specific questions and solutions relevant to you system.
In practice it is impossible to take all of your organization’s management and key personnel out for training.  By bringing the desired course in house to your organization, training fees are minimized, your expenses for sending personnel to public training are non-existent and management can make it!
This is an excellent approach that will provide better, less expensive training and more specific benefits directly to your organization and your management system program.


•    This solution can be matched to your exact needs.                              
•    Save money and time.
•    Tailor modules to be longer or shorter.
•    Bring in different groups and audiences for relevant topics.
•    Use your materials, procedures and documents for exercises.
•    Design best practices and implementation solutions during training.
•    Get all of your training done in fewer sessions.
•    Provide a consistent theme throughout your organization.