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Supplier audit service

What is Supplier Audit ?

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Process of following the procedures and processes that are agreed on during a selection audit process. It identifies non conformances in the manufacturing process, engineering change process, invoicing process, quality process, and also the supplier/shipment process. Supplier audits are analyses that are done to document the relationship between different companies in order to verify compliance of a supplier’s products and processes.

Who Should Pursue?

  • Companies that need a supplier audit to verify their compliance to their supplier’s products or processes.
  • Companies that need to improve their Return on Auditing (ROA).
  • Companies that would want to manage their supply quality management system so that they can know that their suppliers are in compliance.
  • The companies that struggle with reallocating their resources such that they cannot keep current projects on schedule while their engineers are out in the field conducting supplier audits.
  • Businesses that need to conduct mutual and beneficial audits to their company and suppliers.
  • Companies or businesses that would want to create an integrated auditing process aligned with internal goals and supplier commitments. Companies that require flexibility and consistently structured supplier audit services so that they can execute a value-adding audit program

Benefit of supplier audit  

  • Implementation of an overall quality system.supplier-audit-page-image-2.jpg
  • Establishment of documentation control.
  • Control of business records is achieved.
  • Establishment of customer satisfaction.
  • The control of company or business operations is achieved.
  • Implementation of a business management review is established.
  • Non conforming product control will be done through the supplier audit
  • The supplier audit will help in calibration control and also contract review.


  • Information and product improvements can be shared for common gain among suppliers and companies.
  • Accomplishments of supplier measurement that can take place, risk mitigation exercises both proactive and reactive.
  • When there is an existing stand alone supplier quality management function, strong relationships with suppliers can be created from a customer’s perspective.
  • Knowledge can be integrated with deliverance of profit generating opportunities for both organizations and the exploration of additional, above and beyond contrasting business opportunities.
  • This can be achieved through creation of  a  supplier quality management function for all those involved such as account managers, supply chain consultants and supplier performance managers.
  • Ensure customers will have complete confidence that the company’s products and services will always meet or exceed their needs and expectations.

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